Last night ended with mental exhaustion after my first coding workshop!

For those who know about it, I’m sure you agree that is a wonderful idea. For those that don’t know about it, it’s a free workshop for minority groups including women (sure nobody who has worked in development would argue about women being a minority… I have spoken to about ten female developers in as many months!) to teach them to code or improve their current skills.

But aside from the great opportunity to learn, what really stood out to me was how welcoming they were to me, as a recruiter. I think I often turn up to developer events kind of already feeling apologetic about my profession. I got obsessed recently with reading developers’ thoughts on recruiters on blogs, and although it’s obviously not comments personal to me, I still cringed at a lot of sales-phrases and situations I recognised and now realise developers hate! But anyway, my job really didn’t matter, I felt like one of the group, and I had a great time!

I was really glad that I’d had time to go through the HTML module on codecademy beforehand, because even getting a head start it was making my brain hurt by the end. My tutor was very patient as I asked painstaking questions! We were working for two solid hours and by the end I had that post study feeling that I remember well from long nights in the library at university. It was weird studying again, but really cool, because I built a page that worked, and that’s pretty good going for a tech recruiter (and an English graduate)!

Thank you to everyone at Codebar for being so welcoming, and to my coach for the evening 🙂 I will definitely be coming back, CSS needs to be tackled…

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