Last night I was at Google Campus for my first AngularJS event. Mind = blown…

This was the first event I’d been to that took me properly out of the recruiter sphere and into the hardcore tech one. Jeans and trainers abounded, the food was delicious, the small talk was technical and mostly incomprehensible… and I was the only girl.

I actually think it’s a shame for the industry! There are certainly female developers, I met lots of them at Codebar, so I wonder why they don’t come to such events? If the only girl who makes it there is a technical recruiter… well there are issues surely! The event was really oversubscribed so I only got a space at the last minute, though when I got there empty chairs were plentiful from dropouts I guess. There was a space of at least one empty chair’s width around me during the presentation – I wondered whether nobody wanted to sit next to a stranger, or just a woman. It’s kind of sweet though rather than offensive, and everybody I did speak to was very nice.

The talk itself (and prepare here for probably horrendous inaccuracies) was basically a demo of how you can use angular in partnership with Umbraco to extend your back office UI. You create your own options which you can separately define using JS, HTML, CSS and which you can then use in the back office. It’s useful because it allows the frontend developer to focus on that, rather than having to know C# which such actions would previously have required. Or maybe that’s a bad thing? It’s definitely a useful thing for the majority, because you can do more faster, but speaking from a purely objective position really in an ideal world a developer would understand every possible way to perform a function, no? This makes sure that work is always being done in the smartest way, not just the only way you know?

I’m probably not entitled to have opinions about this kind of thing yet, but I guess in summary what I thought is – angular is clever in that it allows you to do something in JavaScript that you’d previously have needed C# for. BUT… if that is anything like, say, android wrappers like PhoneGap, then the best applications are still created via a purer (defined as – the most appropriate for the task at hand) method (native apps on mobile perform better and look better) and so maybe taking more shortcuts using tools like using angular would not be ultimately the best way to work.

I’m probably wrong about that – they’re probably not comparable things… If I’m wrong please somebody tell me! But as a wider point, surely it is true that the more full stack you can be, the better? That’s a whole other post…

Anyway, this is definitely becoming like a stream of consciousness… and it’s getting on for 9:30… so til next time.

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