I’m Charlotte. I’m not a recruiter any more! There’s a backstory to the title of this site, but I now like to think of it as the quest to learn something more, which can empower you to be atypical.

My passion is enabling people. I love finding new and better ways of solving problems which help people to run their companies or their lives more efficiently.

After graduation, I started working as a recruiter for the London tech scene, and I learnt a huge amount about career management as well as company management. I’ve conducted countless interviews. I’ve talked to countless founders and entrepreneurs, as well as engineers and their managers. I’ve seen first hand what you should do (and not do) if you want to have a successful and happy career in technology.

I started to teach myself to code so I could understand more about the work I was doing. The tech community was incredibly supportive of this! I loved them so much that I ended up joining a tech start-up, helping the founders get the business off the ground, before finally moving into another, larger cloud start-up in their marketing team.

Writing is something that gives me a lot of personal pleasure, and I hope that something of what I write might also be helpful to you!