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Keeping it Cloudy: How to Build Company Culture


Originally published on the Cloudreach website. Maintaining “cloudy culture” is important to us, and it’s also a hot topic at the moment. One of our Partners, CloudHealth Technologies, wrote a blog post last year about company culture, and concluded that the culture of every organisation must necessarily be unique. One of their key ideas, which I’d like to reflect more on here, is that if culture is nurtured it will be more powerful in defining your success as a business than your brand, product or customers.

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5 Steps to Take at a Career Crossroads


I’d wager very few people know from a young age what they want to do with their lives and sometimes, even if they do, the path towards that goal can be unclear. After two years in Recruitment helping people take a step closer towards their ideal role, I actually found myself at a career crossroads. I didn’t want to work in agency recruitment again, but I also suspected from my six month spell in Operations that this wasn’t my dream job either. Continue Reading

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How to Find Offices in London

Startup Stock Photos
Startup Stock Photos

A key part of a great company is often having somewhere centralised where people can come together into a creative and relaxing space and share their ideas but, in London, it’s usually not that easy to find. In fact, if you’re doing all the leg work yourself, it probably feels like you’re ramming your head repeatedly into a wall. Continue Reading

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Want to Work in a Start-up?

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The start-up scene in London at the moment is booming.

Boris Johnson recently said there’s “nowhere to rival London for start-ups looking to thrive and grow”, and it certainly seems the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ as well as the numerous incubators and accelerators are doing a good job of nurturing London’s new digital businesses. Continue Reading

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2 Point Guide to CV Writing


**Please, please, for the love of God, do not put everything in boxes**

It was only a matter of time until this post was written.. I know there’s a lot of these out there, but I think I might as well add my two pennies’ worth! I see a huge number of poorly structured and written CVs so this is still a problem worth addressing. Continue Reading